Theatre company Pantheon desperately seeking Deloris

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A Glasgow theatre group’s plans to stage a modern musical may be scuppered for the lack of a leading lady.

Pantheon Theatre Group director David Cooke has issued a plea for black actresses to audition for the role of Deloris in the musical Sister Act, originally portrayed on the big screen by the larger-than-life Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg.

“Whoopi’s are big shoes to fill,” said David, “but I’m sure there’s a Deloris out there for our show. We just need to let her know we have a role waiting for her.”

Artistic director Tri Cumming told The Extra: “There is no plan B at the moment”, as the company are holding out for a heroine that has all the requirements for the role, including the colour of her skin.

The role was originally cast for another larger-than-life entertainer, Bette Midler.

However, Pantheon say that Whoopi’s performance was so compelling that the role itself is always associated with a black woman.

Tri added: “Whoopi has totally made that role her own and, while it was originally cast for Bette Midler, we want to stick with the authenticity of the big screen version. We know there’s someone out there with all the attributes.

“Pantheon is such a high profile theatre group and charity that anyone who lands this role is going to have huge exposure and vital experience to add to her portfolio. We are desperately keen to find our Deloris.”

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