The snappers’ society

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Some may think that photography is a simple matter of pointing a camera at a subject and pressing a button.

But for those in the know — ie photographers — it is so much more than that.

Photographer Colin McLatchie

Photographer Colin McLatchie

There are a multitude of lenses you can choose from (but an expert will know exactly which one to choose to get the photograph he desires) and different shutter speeds.

Even which shot is the right one can be a long process, with photographers spending long hours waiting for that moment they want.

Many people on the southside of Glasgow and in East Renfrewshire who are serious about photography join the Eastwood Photographic Society.

Although labelled amateurs, the members of the EPS often produce stunning works — as readers of The Extra can testify.

I caught up with one of the members, Colin McLatchie, who showed me just some of his stunning images...