The saga continues...

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When perusing the options for this week’s Scene, it came to me that rap is criminally under-represented in these pages.

So what better week to right this wrong, than when some of the most influential artists in the genre’s history are playing in Glasgow.

Next Thursday (July 12), members of musical trailblazers Wu Tang Clan are playing at the 02 ABC, under the moniker Wu Legends.

Although I have dabbled in the Wu Tang Clan’s back catalogue, I cannot claim to be an expert on the artists described by Rolling Stone magazine as the “best rap group ever”.

So I took to Facebook to source thoughts on the visit of Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and GZA.

What I was not expecting, of a band whose most famous line is a proclamation they “ain’t nothing to f*** with”, was a series of twee personal anecdotes.

Firstly, according to a friend who works in San Francisco’s Imperial Tea Court, when not “lyrically performing armed robbery”, Wu Tang affiliate Killah Priest is a regular and his tipple of choice is Hunan lotus heart.

Then there’s RZA, taking a break from “ duckin’ five-year probation”: a former class mate bumped into him at Goodlife on West Nile Street as he was professing his love for chess at great length and signing chess boards.

However, for some real expertise, I spoke to Donald Brechin, editor of the music blog for the And Now Wee clothing line ( who credits their 2000 album, The W for his love of music.

“Their music was universal and had 12 year old white kids like myself miming verses to Gravel Pit”, said Donald.

“You would struggle to find any rapper who doesn’t site Wu Tang Clan as a major influence. Popular producers of today like AraabMUZIK, Kanye West, Just Blaze etc. give RZA credit for his production genius. “Although RZA could be seen as the leader, unlike other groups like Tyler The Creator’s Odd Future, each member still stands out.” Donald describes the legends as akin to “Gods amongst hip hop and wider music communities”.

He continues: “It is the epitome of loyalty that the group still perform and record together. “It’s a live experience like no other. They will go down in history as not only one of the best rap collectives ever, but Shaolin Warriors of the music industry”.

The Wu Legends show is next Thursday at 02 ABC (7.30pm). Tickets are available from