The return of the king

The King in concert.
The King in concert.

THERE can only ever be one King of Rock ‘N’ Roll — Elvis Presley.

It is now almost 35 years since Elvis died in Memphis, but his star is undiminished.

The term legend is often overused, but few would deny the boy from Tupelo that status.

Although loved the world over, he never performed outside the United States (except for five gigs in Canada in 1957) and it was a point of pilgrimage for many to make the journey to America to see their hero play live.

Unfortunately, for millions more, this was not a viable option and the closest they ever got to seeing the star was in one of his many Hollywood films.

Now, though, there is the chance to see Elvis live on screen at the SECC.

Film footage of the King in some of his finest stage performances is being shown for a one-night gig that should sate the most avid fan.

It remains a mystery as to how he became so famous.

On the face of it, Jerry Lee Lewis was a more accomplished musician.

There were also a whole raft of rock ‘n’ roll stars to choose from in the 50s — Bill Haley and his Comets, Carl Perkins (the writer of Blue Suede Shoes), Johnny Cash, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly and Little Richard.

All these stars enjoyed enormous popularity which would give them a very comfortable living for the rest of their lives.

But, for some reason, there was only ever one Elvis Presley.

Practically from the time the teenage truck driver belted out That’s All Right, the public took him to their hearts.

And from those humble beginnings began a 33-year career.

The concert footage for the show will primarily feature the shows Elvis, That’s The Way It Is, Elvis on Tour and Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii.

To give the show a live feel, the producers edited out of the footage all sounds except those of Elvis, and a 16-piece orchestra — featuring some of the King’s old bandmates – will provide the music.

Everything in terms of staging, set design, lighting, sound and overall production is as if Elvis were alive and back on the road.

Elvis Presley in Concert is at the SECC on Sunday and tickets cost from £33.50 to £36.50.

Show begins at 8pm.