The Rebeca Factor

Rebecca Ferguson performing on The X Factor - Results.
Rebecca Ferguson performing on The X Factor - Results.

REBECCA Ferguson is the former X Factor runner-up who looks as though she may just stay the course.

For those who pay less attention to ITV’s flagship programme than they do the FTSE 100 Index, this may not mean too much.

However, for those who follow it like its the new religion — and even those who casually check it out now and again — the chart staying power of successful contestants is as strong as wet toilet paper (the soft stuff, not that hard, waxy nonsense).

So, how many remember Steve Brookstein? I’m assuming, not many.

Steve was the winner of the first series of the Saturday night show and he has since forged his way into obscurity.

A look at this week’s top 40 shows not a hint of X Factor fodder (where have last year’s winners, Little Mix, gone? Too busy gracing the entertainment pages of the national press no doubt).

Now and again, though, the show coughs up some real talent, with folk who can carry a tune.

Mostly, it’s female soloists that I’ve heard who stick in the mind: Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and Rebecca Ferguson.

Rebecca didn’t win the show back in 2010, that was Matt Cardle who went on to murder Biffy Clyro’s Many of Horror — while also changing the title to When We Collide so as not to scare the teeny fan base.

Rebecca came second, but who can guess these outcomes which often lapse into popularity contests (perhaps there were more young girls hogging the family phone on Saturdays)?

Having heard both sing since (don’t watch it, never will) my vote would go to Rebecca who has a great, soulful voice.

And if you agree that the best person came second on that show, you have a chance to see the young songstress live.

Rebecca is playing the Clyde Auditorium on Wednesday, February 22 and ticket prices start at £19.50.

Matt Cardle? Who’s he?