The Captain’s tale

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THE Tron is celebrating Celtic Connections this year with the story of a Highlands composing legend.

Named The Captain’s Collection, theatre company Dogstar relates the tale of Captain Simon Fraser utilising a blend of history, drama, music and humour.

Captain Fraser hailed from Knockie in the Scottish Highlands and, in 1816, he published a collection of 232 airs and melodies from the Highlands and Islands.

While some of the music are his own compositions, mostly they were derived from the those he heard his father and grandfather singing.

Because of the political nature of the time, Fraser had to leave out the words in order to have the tunes published.

By the time of publication, the captain had already been defrauded in earlier attempts to publish his work, had deserted the British army in Ireland, had fathered an illegitimate son, had won and lost a fortune, was denounced as a rebel and thrown into Inverness jail for debt.

Although a musical genius, he would be plagued by misfortune for the rest of his life.

The Captain’s Collection is performed at the Tron Theatre on Thursday night at 8pm. Tickets are £13.