The art of everyday life

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LONDON 2012 — it’s been a hard one to avoid.

While some are glued to the television or happily clutching tickets to Olympic events, others have been counting the days until it’s over, and avoiding BBC channels at all costs.

Gold medals are all well and good — but for those more captivated by the opening ceremony than by London 2012 itself, a Glasgow youth theatre group has just the distraction from all that sport — in a sports centre, no less.

Ankur Productions is celebrating the simple things in life this week, with a performance of new show The Olympics of Everyday at Bellahouston leisure centre.

But don’t let the venue or the title fool you — this multimedia project is all about those boring, everyday chores in life (getting out of bed in the morning, washing the dishes — anyone?), and the feats of skill, stamina and determination required to carry them out.

Encompassing theatre, film and music, visitors to the southside leisure centre can expect full involvement throughout — after all, this is hardly a traditional seats-and-stage arts venue.

Instead, you might find yourself pedalling to far off lands courtesy of the gym’s spin bikes, or discovering a cacophony of orchestral music behind locker doors — all courtesy of 30 young performers from every corner and culture of Glasgow.

The city centre-based production team has been running since 2004, with a focus on developing ethnic minority arts in Scotland.

Whether it’s theatre, music or literature, Ankur — meaning sapling — has dipped its toes into every genre, branching out to venues like Tramway, the Arches and the Citz.

The tagline for their latest show is come along, your medal is waiting — whether that’s an actual medal (and who doesn’t deserve it after a mammoth dish washing session, or just a tough day?) or a metaphorical one, we at Live won’t speculate.

But for a bargain ticket price of £2.50, who cares? You can always nip out for a chocolate coin afterwards.

The Olympics of Everyday runs from today (Thursday) until Sunday at Bellahouston leisure centre. Performance at 4pm and tickets cost £2.50, available on 276 0767.