Taylor-made for a good night out

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YOU’VE Got a Friend, and he’s appearing at the SECC.

James Taylor has had his troubles in life.

A survivor of life-long depression and serious drug abuse, Taylor seen it all and done it all.

Now he’s back on the road and showing just how it was done in the 60s and 70s.

It’s 40 years since he had his first number one with the Carole King-penned, Grammy award-winning You’ve Got a Friend and the long hair has disappeared from his scalp — but he shows that you can still succeed if you decide to go the distance.

Along with your ticket purchase, you get a wealth of experience from the man who had half The Beatles — Paul McCartney and George Harrison — on his hit song Carolina On My Mind.

Indeed, wily Harrison nicked the title of another Taylor song (Something in the Way She Moves) for the first line of his most famous song, Something.

Taylor is appearing at the SECC on July 10.

Tickets cost £50.