Tale of the Maids

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THE psychologies of master and servant are explored at the Citz this week, as director Stewart Laing presents his interpretation of Jean Genet’s The Maids.

The notorious play follows two maids locks in an abusive cycle with their arrogant mistress.

When the lady leaves her apartment, the duo raid her wardrobe and indulge in role-play, acting out day-to-day scenes which have driven them to hate her.

The game spirals out of control, blurring fantasy and reality – and, as the play is loosely based on a story from 1930s Paris, where two sisters brutally murdered their mistress and her daughter – you might predict that it will all end in tragedy.

Genet’s original version adds to the anarchy by casting three men as the young women, and the southside show remains true to it.

Light entertainment this is not – but for theatre goers in the mood for a little darkness, this could be one to watch.

n The Maids is on at the Citizen’s Theatre from tonight (January 17) until February 2. Performances 7.30pm with a 2.30pm matinee on Saturday, Jan 26. Tickets £8-19, from www.citz.co.uk.