Swashbuckler makes his Mark in Eastwood

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HE’S just the swashbuckling type of guy to set women’s hearts a-flutter.

The all-action, sword-fencing Zorro is in town, chibbing his way through the bad guys of East Renfrewshire.

The story of this hero has been told on the silver screen by action heroes such as Tyrone Power and Antonio Banderas.

Now it arrives at Eastwood Park Theatre via the good people of Visible Fictions.

Don Diego de la Vega is a Californian nobleman living in the Spanish colonial era.

Everywhere he looks, he sees injustice for his people.

Under the guise of a foppish, spoiled, rich kid, Diego moves in the circles of his enemies undetected.

But he later dons the black mask and cape of the sword-maestro Zorro — out to right the wrongs in society.

The Mark of Zorro is on tomorrow (Friday), 7.30pm, and tickets are £10, with a family ticket costing £35.