Singing Kettle’s going on a bear hunt

The Singing Kettle
The Singing Kettle

Pot, spout, lid of metal... I think that’s how it goes: it has been a few years but I still have distant memories of sitting with my young daughter watching the videos of The Singing Kettle.

Amazingly, that was some 20 years ago and the franchise is still going strong: even if the original line up has since retired.

Thankfully, my mum was there to take her to the live performances: that could have taken more than the fatherly love I was considering doling out.

Nevertheless, this has proved to be a popular evening out for the little ones with songs like Do You Ears Hang Low?, Leap Frog and perennial favourite Bear Hunt.

The Singing Kettle is at the Eastwood Park Theatre on Saturday, August 30.

Tickets are £11.