Singing from a different songsheet

Gifted: Erin will play Bloc.
Gifted: Erin will play Bloc.

MIDGE Ure was interviewed on the Beeb last week and his assessment of the music scene was there needed to be another punk explosion.

Manufactured blandness such as is spewed out by X Factor, The Voice, et al is strangling the music business — of that I couldn’t agree more.

But, when was the last time you caught a local, Glasgow act, Midge?

Have you, in fact, heard of a young chanteuse called Erin Todd?

Probably not, but I feel that you will before too long.

Erin is a lass who hails originally from Edinburgh — but Glasgow has her now and we won’t give her up without a fight.

Erin is gifted with the sweetest voice with an excellent range and power.

This she uses for a variety of singing styles — which is useful as the singer cites such wide-ranging influences as Led Zeppelin, Eva Cassidy, Fleetwood Mac, Sigur Ros and Nick Drake.

Now, Erin is determined to make 2012 her year.

Hard work and determination have resulted in the singer releasing an EP, In Limbo, last year as an indication of what was to come.

Erin told Scene: “This year, I am demoing tracks for a follow-up EP and continuing to gig between the Scottish and London ciruit.

“I am already booked as a guest act for the Kintyre Songwriter’s Festival in June and just supported upcoming act Ren Harvieu at the revered King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in April”.

Currently without a contract, the formidable Ms Todd has been showing great stamina in the travelling she has undertaken.

Last year, Erin covered a sizeable chunk of the UK map with gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leicester, Cardiff, Oxford and London.

She said: “I am currently looking for management and seeking representation from a PR and marketing company, as I would like to release a new EP in 2012.

“What I need now is to be given the opportunity to present my music to the industry figures that could”.

You can catch Erin in Glasgow next Tuesday at Bloc, where she is playing a live set.

Be there, or be a two-dimensional object of four equally-lengthed sides and four 90-degree angles.

That includes you too, Mr Ure.