Short film to put dementia in the spotlight

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A short film producer and TV researcher from Shawlands has launched a campaign to bring his latest movie to the big screen.

Kristopher Blair, along with a group of friends from the industry, got together to make a short film about dementia and euthanasia.

Fractured Minds is a short film about a woman with dementia whose last wish is to take her own life.

As Euthanasia is not legal in theUK, the woman turns to her two sons for help.

Kristopher said: “We wanted to make a film that is hard-hitting and we wanted to do it right.

“The film’s lead actress, Maria Bell, has worked in care homes and she told us about patients with dementia.

“It’s not really a subject that is covered much in films – it was really the lead actress that pushed it.”

Kristopher plays Alex in the film who has taken the illness of his mother (played by Maria Bell) really hard.

“He really struggles to deal with his mum’s illness,” Kristopher said.

“He comes across as quite angry because of this and looks like the villian of the piece, but he’s really not. He’s just a bit scared.”

The team behind Fractured Minds has launched a campaign to help finish the edit and send it out to festivals both here and abroad.

Kristopher continued: “We wrote and shot the film with no budget and we’re really proud of how it’s looking so far.

“Our aim is to raise £1300 to finish Fractured Mind’s post-production and to allow our film the best chance possible of a successful festival run.

“We are also going to donate 10 per cent of all money raised to a UK-based Dementia charity.

“Our main goal is to make this film as best as we can, to give us a voice and to spread the message of the difficulties people face when suffering from Dementia.”

To help support the film, and find out more about the team, visit Fractured Minds