Ruby Wax answers Glasgow’s Christmas woes

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Last Wednesday (December 12), the legendary Ruby Wax invited the nation to unload their Yuletide woes via Silverburn’s Twitter channel.

Ruby responded to Christmas moans and groans as her alter ego - Banta Claus, who had followers loving Christmas, not loathing it.

While it may indeed be the “most wonderful time of the year”, Christmas is also a time which brings many pet peeves, stresses, frustrations and unanswered questions – including “what do I get dad this year?”, “why do they have to play so much Christmas music?” and, of course, “does Santa Claus actually exist?”

Silverburn listened to the nations cries, and were pleased to announce that their Banta Claus position had been filled by the legendary Ruby Wax. Using #SilverburnBantaClause or @Shopsilverburn, followers could vent their Christmas woes, whilst Ruby shared and alternative, witty and wax-y, solution to every annoyance, grumble, moan and groan this Christmas.

Ruby said: “Christmas isn’t for everyone, I should know! Speaking from experience, the festivities can often bring many moans, groans and frustrations for people across the country.

“Being the resident Banta Claus for Silverburn though, was a brilliant opportunity to respond to the haters with some tongue-in-cheek festive cheer, and I loved every minute of it!

“I hope my alter-ego turned some frowns upside down and made people love and laugh at the season rather than loathe it...”