Rock and roll is here to stay

The biggest names of the 50s 'reunite' for Rock 'n' Roll Heaven.
The biggest names of the 50s 'reunite' for Rock 'n' Roll Heaven.
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VINTAGE is making a serious comeback, and with it comes a slice of 50s Americana in the form of rock and roll.

Glasgow hosts not one but three music shows this week, all harking back to the golden era of rock music — ideal for 50s and 60s devotees looking to dance the night away.

First up is Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven at the Theatre Royal — with a fantasy line-up including Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Eddie Cochran and even the King.

Picture yourself as sweet little 16 in that screaming crowd of poodle skirts and Brylcreem, taking in a live show at a mid-west music hall which features all your favourites from the hit parade.

Alright, so Elvis himself isn’t rocking up to Glasgow city centre, but this tribute concert promises a slice of just what it would be like to visit music heaven – blue suede shoes optional.

And over at sister venue the King’s, it’s a slight case of deja vu with Rock Around the Clock.

Described as a non-stop parade of classics, this show focuses on the 50s again and promises to have audiences dancing in the aisles by intermission.

If all that 50s action isn’t enough, then the Pavilion are throwing the next three decades into the mix for the return of Jukebox Memories.

The first comedy musical starring Christian, Dean Park and the Swing Cats was a sell-out for its last year – in fact, over 20,000 went to see it.

Like last year’s show, this sequel carries a storyline too – following the life of Glasgow Italian café owner Tony – but it’s really all about the music, featuring more than 50 songs from the 60s to the 80s (and no doubt more than one dodgy fashion choice from the iconic eras too).

Whether you’re ready to relive the golden days or you wish you’d been around to see the swinging 50s and 60s, one of these time-warp shows – and a good sing-along – might just be the ticket this weekend.

n Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven (Theatre Royal) and Rock Around the Clock (King’s theatre) both run until Saturday. Jukebox Memories 2 (Pavilion) starts on Tuesday, and runs until Friday. Tickets and times vary, for more info see or