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READERS of a certain age will understand all too well the urge to dance on the roof of a yellow taxi cab.

Cue the latest show from the Glasgow Music Theatre – fast becoming annual regulars at Eastwood park theatre, having already staged Little Shop of Horrors and West Side Story in previous years.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, this time it’s an all-singing, all-dancing version of the 80s classic Fame – the original in a genre that has since given us the likes of High School Musical and Glee.

The legwarmers may still be there, but much like the recent film remake, this amateur group is bringing the musical up-to-date with a little hip-hop and a touch of street dance.

Taking on the role of dyslexic dancer Tyrone is 22-year-old Omo Iredia, originally from Stornoway. A pharmacist by day, the amateur thespian believes the revamp adds a sense of realism for audiences.

He explained: “All too often, Fame is just about the legwarmers – but our choreographer, Marion Baird, has filled the show with hip-hop and street dance, giving it a much more realistic feel.

“These kids are copying their heroes on MTV, not sitting in the front row on Broadway”.

Whether it’s big hair and lycra or street threads and RnB, the story remains much the same – the trials and tribulations of a group of talented young people making their way through performing arts school in that city full of big dreams, New York.

There are the usual suspects – the dedicated dancers, the hard-working musicians and the actors letting go of all inhibitions – but will everyone make it in the fame game, or are some destined to be chewed up and spit back out again?

And is the seductive world of super-stardom as wonderful as it’s made out to be?

All interesting questions, but perhaps most important of all for southside audiences is this – are they really going to park a big yellow taxi in the middle of Eastwood park theatre?

The cast and crew remain tight-lipped until opening night – perhaps reason alone to pick up a ticket.

n Fame is on at Eastwood park theatre from Tuesday until Saturday (February 7-11). Performances at 7.30pm, with a 2.30pm Saturday matinee. Tickets are £9.50-£14, available from 577 4970.