Putting the hip in hypnosis

Peter Powers
Peter Powers

MUCH like summer rain but more welcome, Peter Powers is back in Glasgow.

Even a bad back which saw last weekend’s shows cancelled can’t keep this hypnotist down for long.

This popular entertainer has been treading the familiar, Pavilion boards for many years now – 20, to be precise.

While dismayed at missing his first show in all those years, Powers is determined to make it up to the Glasgow audiences.

Powers loves performing in front of audiences which is why he does it.

He has made highly-entertaining and popular TV shows in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands – so it’s not strictly for the money.

Known as the ‘hip hypnotist’ in some quarters, Peter first took to hypnosis when he was a 12-year-old schoolboy.

He got books from the library and practised on his young brother.

By the time he was 15, he was giving lectures at his school on hypnosis.

Peter said: “I’ve been a hypnotist for so long now that I don’t remember wanting to do anything else.

“It gives me so much pleasure that I never become tire of it and often consider how lucky I am to make my living this way”.

In a career spanning more than two decades, the entertainer has amazed thousands with his performances – or should that be the audiences’ performances.

This year, Peter has gone for a triple bill of fun.

Friday Family Night is just what the title suggests – a performance that is suitable for all family members, irrespective of age.

By Saturday, the fun has been cranked up a notch for the more adult Anything Goes.

However, who dares to go to the midnight show on Saturday?

This is the ‘X’-rated performance where everything is a little OTT and is strictly for the over-18s.

Peter, himself, has said this gig should be called the “Over The Top” show.

Have you the courage to bare all in front of strangers?

If so, it should be a riot of comedy.

Due to the unforseen cancellation, Peter’s shows run from tomorrow at 7.30pm and every weekend until Saturday, August 27.

The times and ticket costs are: Friday at 7.30pm with tickets £11.

Saturday’s first show is also at 7.30pm and tickets are £12.

The adult-themed performance starts at midnight and all seats are £14.