Punk’s alive and kicking

ANL live on stage.
ANL live on stage.

I SUPPOSE if you think about punks like The Stranglers, the Anti-Nowhere League can be seen as Johnny-Come-Latelys.

Formed in 1980, when most punk bands had either broken up or moved on with their music, many who had stuck with the movement would have been glad someone carried the torch aloft.

It is rumoured they bribed Rat Scabies, The Damned’s drummer, in an East End pub toilet to let them support the band on a tour of north England and Scotland, thus increasing their profile.

It was another year before ANL released their first single, an irreverent cover version of Ralph McTell’s Streets of London, which reached number 48 on the charts.

However, ANL and they found themselves out in the cold for much of the 80s and, indeed, formally split in 87.

The group reformed in 1992 and began playing smaller venues (much like they did in their early days) and eventually signed for Impact Records.

Now, ANL seem to have found a more settled line-up after years of members joining and quitting.

Six years ago saw them play once again on the same bill as The Damned in 2006 for a 30th Anniversary of Punk gig alongside other punk favourites.

ANL continue to tour and last year they and UK Subs supported Motorhead on UK dates.

The Anti-Nowhere League play Ivory Blacks on March 16. Show begins at 7pm, tickets are £9.