Pic of the Week: Having a Wheelie Good Time by Ross Eaglesham

editorial image

I WAS asked by a friend to go to Innerleithen for the last downhill biking event of the year to see if I could take some photos of him doing some of the jumps.

This shot was taken quite late in the day at about 5pm so I had to use two flashlights to try to balance the sky, trees and freeze the motion of the rider.

I set one of the speedlights up on my right to light his face and one hidden below the jump as a backlight to ensure the edges of the rider were defined.

This was the first image I took and I feel it was the best in the series.

The timing worked out as planned, the rider’s eyes were open and the dirt spray adds a bit of a sense of movement.

Both flashes were manually set at 1/8 and 1/4 power respectively, the camera was set at f3.5, 1/160th sec and ISO 800 to allow as much of the sky colour in as possible.

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