Penny drops in on King Tut’s

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THERE’S a new star set to put her stamp on the pop music firmament and her name is Penny Black.

The singer has just released her new single — My Next Trick — and is following that up with a gig at King Tut’s.

Penny has been working hard at her career.

She wrote her first song when she was only three and at the age of eight started to learn the piano.

So determined was Penny’s desire to follow a musical career, she was named “most musical” in her school year book.

Penny has enjoyed airplay on BBC and an appearance on STV’s The Hour on her road to wild fame.

Recently, the musician recorded a video to go with her new release which saw her at various locations around Glasgow.

During the shoot, Penny and her musicians played out a mock Victorian scene in full costume at Eastwood House in Eastwood park.

The musicians and film crew were more than a little unsettled as one of the housekeepers had told them that a ghost had been seen several times on the premises.

Their fear was heightened when they used a ouija board for one scene and they thought they may actually call up the undead.

However, the day’s shoot was not without its funny side.

During one scene the Haze machine — which they used to create an old-fashioned, murky atmosphere — triggered a fire alarm and the fire service came rushing to the scene.

Far from being annoyed, the fire fighters were convulsed with laughter at seeing everyone standing around in period costume and remarked that they thought they had travelled back in time.

They even asked if they could appear in the video.

Penny Black appears at King Tut’s on October 22 with The Travelling Band, The Feather Man and The Rudiments.

Tickets are £6.