Paper Aeroplanes aim to be high fliers

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IT’S a pub I used to call my local back when I was living on Sauchiehall Street.

Imagine my surprise to learn that The Griffin is now hosting live music – well, it’s not as if it’s too small.

After all there are three separate bars in the pub which sits on the corner of Bath Street and Elmbank Street, no shortage of space.

On Saturday, the pub has Welsh band Paper Aeroplanes.

The band has been described as “a west coast, easy-riding, folkish indie with a pop sensibility”.

If that doesn’t light your gas, they’ve also been compared to Fleetwood Mac, Suzanne Vega, The Sundays, Lisa Loeb and The Cranberries.

Although they’ve only been together for a few years, Paper Aeroplanes have been picking up some positive reviews.

They have already featured on Bob Harris’s Radio 2 show, being interviewed and playing a live set.

They’ve also recorded a live video session for the Beeb.

BBC Radio Wales was glowing in its tribute to Paper Aeroplanes’ first album, The Day We Ran into the Sea, by describing it as “the finest album to come out of Wales since Rockferry”.

Paper Aeroplanes play the Griffin from 8pm on Saturday. Tickets £8.