Out of bounds: roles, rolemodels and not playing by the rules

TRUANT was what posh people called it: for most others it was merely called “dogging it”.

Taking unofficial time off from school was what it basically meant.

But does it mean the same to everyone? And what are the diverse reasons for indulging in it?

Writer and director John Rettalack took time out to interview people from across Glasgow to create what is a provocative piece of theatre. Teenagers feel the need to play truant from their parents to establish their own identity.

But what happens when the parents play truant from their children, when they avoid their parental duties? Who is making and breaking the rules?

Truant is set in Glasgow and is the result of those interviews held among a diverse range of people from communities across the city, exploring responses to questions about family values, the challenges of modern parenting and the place of children in society.

Initiated by the Tron theatre, but not held in the venue, Truant plays to several venues across Glasgow.

Featuring a cast of eight and combining performance, movement, music and live debate, Truant is an event you won’t want to miss.

After each performance, there will a live debate.

Truant is playing at Hutchesons’ Grammar school on November 12 and the Scottish Youth Theatre on November 17 from 7pm (also 2.30pm for Hutchesons’). Tickets are £4 for adults and £2 for children.