On the edge . . .


THE Citizens Theatre carries a lot of credibility with it.

From its beginnings back in 1945, it has steadily etched out a name for itself as the place to go for edgy, new, innovative and daring theatre productions.

It was the place to go in the early 80s if you wanted to experience the works of Irish playwright Sean O’Casey.

Now, it is showcasing the work of another Irish author, Declan Feenan.

Dublin-born Feenan is more at the beginning of his career, having written only three plays, but the reception for his work has been favourable and they have seen runs in Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin, Raleigh, North Carolina and New York.

A young girl, from the edge of a lake, gives her confession, talking about being in a relationship with a man twice her age — and of a boy she could have fallen in love with.

This tender and compelling story of a young girl’s relationship is at once uplifting and heartbreaking.

Limbo reminds us just how much power even the most fleeting relationships can have to completely change our lives.

As the darkness of the lake calls out to her, she will do anything to find her peace.

Emerging new talent Richard Lavery directs Citizens actor intern Lynn Kennedy in this captivating, short play.