On a leg and a prayer: Ian Anderson returns

Ian Anderson.
Ian Anderson.

A BIG treat for more mature fans is the return to touring of Ian Anderson.

The former front man for 60s and 70s band Jethro Tull is undertaking a new tour and a new album is being released — Thick As A Brick 2.

The new release is, obviously, a sequel to the immensley popular prog rock Thick As A Brick album which was released in 1972.

And for this tour, Anderson will perform Thick As A Brick in its entirety — along with the follow up album.

Scots-born Anderson fell in love at an early age listening to his father’s big band and jazz tunes along with the early rock ‘n’ roll music filtering over from America.

Although closely identified as a flautist with Jethro Tull, the teenager originally only played the mouthie when he formed his first band in 1963. The Blades.

Anderson claims that he learned the flute a few months before Jethro Tull released the first album, This Was.

He found a talent for the flute and quickly picked up on the rock and blues style of playing.

During a lengthy career, he has since added soprano saxophone, mandolin, guitar and keyboard to his repertoire.

He tells the story of his trademark standing on one leg when playing the flute.

It seems he had the habit of doing that while playing the harmonica and using the mic stand for balance.

When a journalist wrongly described him of doing this at the Marquee Club, he decided to adopt this position.

It was only later that he discovered that flute-playing divinities, such as Krishna and Kokopellie, were portayed in such a manner.

Not that the Fifer would ever liken himself to those two.

In his later years, he has never lost his appetite for music.

His list of accomplishments include an Ivor Novello award for international achievement, an honorary doctorate of literature from Heriot-Watt university and an honorary doctorate (Doctor of Letters) from Abertay university last year.