Oh , do behave...

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THE Arches swears that it’s on its best behaviour next month — but we’re inclined to be suspicious.

The city centre venue hosts its fifth annual live performance festival, Behaviour, from April 3 until May 11 — and the line-up suggests it’s as subversive, challenging and downright dirty as ever.

There are 15 shows at the underground site, as well as performances stretching to our side of the Clyde at Tramway, the Pearce Institute and the Glad Cafe — not to mention one at a Glasgow landfill.

The National Theatre of Scotland is involved as part of the Auteurs Project — a two year development programme for Scottish theatre types, whose efforts and research have been turned into a performance showcased for the first time at Behaviour.

One such work is Kieran Hurley’s Rantin — a combination of storytelling, live music and Scottish folk traditions revealing “a botched patchwork of a nation”.

Another is Nic Green’s Shadowlands — a study of waste and the forgotten landscapes shaped by it. The performance includes a bus trip and a site visit — so be prepared to wade in to this show, literally.

Other highlights include an all-male Wuthering Heights courtesy of the Arches’ Platform 18 winner Peter McMaster, and Brick award winner #TORYCORE — lyrics by George Osbourne and the architects of austerity, put to the tunes of a death metal band.

Then there’s Taylor Mac — a New York drag artist and songwriter returning to the Arches for the first time since 2010 to take on a political note, and settle the score on Scottish independence once and for all (a must-see show).

Full full listings and ticket info, visit www.thearches.co.uk/events/arts/behaviour-2013.