Newton Mearns dancer Siobhan is still reaching for the stars

Siobhan  (front row, centre) will take to the stage with her class this weekend.
Siobhan (front row, centre) will take to the stage with her class this weekend.

A young Newton Mearns dancer is still working on her dream to dance.

Siobhan Grady (14) continues her dance training as a residential student at the Dance School of Scotland after leaving home at the age of 11.

The school, which is a centre of excellence for vocational dance and musical theatre, nurtures talented youngsters from across the country.

How has Siobhan found the last two years?

“It’s been fantastic,” she said, “I love it.

“I have made lots of friends who all love dancing as much as I do. We are training and dancing every day and now preparing for my favourite part of the school year – the annual dance showcase!

“It’s so exciting as we get the chance to perform on stage at the Theatre Royal.”

Siobhan and all of her fellow S1-S6 dancers are set to take to the stage in Glasgow’s Theatre Royal as part of a spectacular showcase from The Dance School of Scotland.

Rehearsals are now in full swing and we can reveal that this year’s showcase has a ‘space’ theme, with pieces based on our night skies including constellations, the moon, northern lights and even aliens – it promises to be ‘out of this world’!

The showcase is taking place in The Theatre Royal, Glasgow on June 15 and 16 and the programme includes an inspiring and exciting mix of ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary pieces.

Tickets cost from £10.00 and can be bought from the ATG Theatres website or at the Theatre Royal box office. Special offer: Band A tickets now 2 for 1 Promo code: DANCE241.