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COMEDIAN Mark Watson realises we live in an age of cutting-edge technology.

But the stand-up comedian has felt the sharp end of the cutting-edge and it hurt.

Recently he lost all his money to an online scammer called Mark Watson.

The star of ITV4’s Mark Watson Kicks Off has received hundreds of hate messages on Twitter and was publicly attacked by a fellow comedian.

His application for a mortgage was refused because an employee at the building society did a Google search and discovered he was a comedian and decided that this was not a real job.

All this started Mark thinking about the information age in which he finds himself.

Gone are the days when you learned your multiplication table and the world’s capital cities — his son will soon have an app that supplies them.

Mark questions in his new show, The Information, whether all this immediate information via new technology makes us better or happier.

He also reveals the biggest lie he’s every told, showcases his new, musical talent and, perhaps most importantly, tears his mortgage broker a new one.

Additionally, there’s a new routine about ham – in case anyone thinks things are getting too serious.

Adopting his usual style, it will be an brutally-paced hour of jokes, anecdotes, wild improvisation and half-baked — but somehow compelling — theories about existence.

Only this time with added internet.

He will point out that the internet has so much potential to do good, but mostly it is used for more base interests.

Really, how many times has The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing been trending on Twitter on a Saturday and Sunday evenings?

I daren’t check my Facebook feed on a Saturday as people I consider fairly normal on a day-to-day basis all become experts in the zeitgeist of pop stardom for a couple of hours.

Mark has achieved a lot in a relatively short space of time.

He’s written four books, been a regular on comedy TV shows such as Have I Got News For You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock The Week and Comedy Rock, among others, and has hosted his own radio shows: Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better and Mark Watson’s Live Address.

Currently, Mark is starring in the Mad Bad Ad Show on Channel 4.

Mark Watson is appearing live at The Pavilion this Sunday and tickets are £15.