Music maketh the man

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FANS of the Libertines and Babyshambles will already know this — Pete Doherty is coming to town.

The front man of the aforementioned bands is going it alone and brings his unique style of music to Glasgow’s Barrowlands this Saturday.

It is perhaps unfortunate that this talented guy has become more famous for what he puts up his nose and into his veins than for the music he creates.

And it’s rather a pity that his long history of drug abuse dwarfs his undoubted talent.

Doherty hooked up with a former uni classmate of his older sister, Carl Barat, to form The Libertines in the late 90s.

While building up a fan base, it was not until 2002, with the release of the band’s first album, Up the Bracket, that the general public sat up and took notice.

The numbers of fans grew and the UK music press saw in Doherty something special, with many hailing him one of the best talents to emerge from the British music scene for a number of years.

Internally, things were not going well in the band as Doherty’s drug problem meant he distanced himself increasingly from the other members.

A hiccup in his career came when he was jailed for six months for breaking in to Barat’s flat and the two fell out for a while.

By 2004 Doherty was forced out of the band due to his out-of-control addiction.

Not to be put down, he went on to form Babyshambles and released two studio albums.

But his on again, off again love affair with The Libertines has never wained and he announced — or at least hinted — that the band may tour again this year.

But, for now, the baby-faced singer is concentrating on his solo effort after serving another six months in pokey for cocaine possession.

It’s been said many times that a Pete Doherty gig can range from the ridiculous to the sublime — depending on whether he is under the inlfuence or not.

We can only hope for the latter.

Pete Doherty plays the Glasgow Barrowlands this Saturday, September 10 from 7pm. Tickets £16.