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Mark Eitzel
Mark Eitzel

American Music Club singer Mark Eitzel comes to the Arches, Glasgow to play an intimate gig as part of a select UK tour on Friday, November 11, with support from Mike Nisbet.

Counted as one of the most powerful and unique voices in modern American songwriting, Eitzel’s haunting and evocative vocals and his original compositions have earned him widespread critical recognition.

He’s been described as combining the energy of punk, the pastoral beauty of folk and the melodrama of lounge music to build one of the most impressive and darkly poetic bodies of work in contemporary music.

First coming to prominence as lead singer/songwriter of San Francisco rock act American Music Club, the group released seven albums across 12 tumultuous years between 1982 and 1994 – most famously, United Kingdom, Everclear and Mercury.

Emotional and often bleak, the tracks wrestled with love, and loss as well as frequently slipping into Eitzel’s own struggles with alcohol addiction.

His solo career has seen him release 12 eclectic albums, from the neo-jazz of 60 Watt Silver Lining in 1996 to the warm pop of West, with Uncut claiming his most recent album Klamath to be his best yet.

This gig will be one of Mark’s first UK shows in over two years, and a genuinely rare opportunity to experience one of the most evocative voices in contemporary rock.

It kicks off at 7pm tomorrow. Tickets are £12.50 from