Love’s kiss with a twist

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FAIRYTALES – most of us could recite them by heart.

Which is perhaps why the Citizen’s Theatre is promising a “gleefully gruesome take” on a classic tale this Christmas.

The southside theatre’s annual pantomime is Sleeping Beauty – with a few added extras.

Pricked by a cursed spindle on her 16th birthday, princess Beauty falls into a deep, deep sleep.

Our slumbering herione is guarded by the mischievous (and somewhat flatulent) Fairy Goody, who is on a mission to find a prince – the prince, to be precise, who can wake Beauty from her magical malaise with a true love’s kiss.

But the prospect of happy ever after isn’t so straighforward at the Citz, as Beauty also faces a perilous journey amid lurking ogres – and secrets – in order to get her loved ones home safe.

Billed as Tim Burton meets Shrek – but with a family feel, and suitable for ages five and up – the first Christmas show from new artistic director Dominic Hill promises more than just the usual panto dames and sing-alongs.

Of course, the Citz isn’t the only theatre to take on Sleeping Beauty this year.

For those of you in East Ren who’d rather see a panto closer to home, Eastwood-based Runway Theatre Company has just thing.

Regulars in the Extra’s Live! Slot, the Runway team return to Eastwood park theatre this week for – you guessed it – Sleeping Beauty.

Billed as a traditional Scottish pantomime – and “100 years of fun in the panto of your dreams” no less – the East Ren version promises to delight audiences with the addition of the world famous International Purves Puppets.

Whether it’s an ogre-dodging trip to the Gorbals or a night of puppetry and panto at Eastwood Park, we’re sure it’s a show you’ll want to stay awake for.

n Citz pantomime runs until January 6, and times vary. Tickets £13-£18 (children £7-£10) with family tickets also available, all from 429 0022 or the Citz website.

Sleeping Beauty at Eastwood Park Theatre runs December 10-15, 7.30pm, with 1pm Thurs and 11am and 3pm Sat matinees. Tickets £7-£14 from 577 4970.