Love conquers all in timeless tale

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THE thought that love will triumph over all is a deeply romantic one.

And that is the basis of a much-loved musical that is coming to Glasgow’s King’s Theatre.

Back in 1991, Disney studios released its rendition of a popular, old tale — Beauty and the Beast.

It was an instant hit with young and old alike: so much so that a stage version was created.

This also proved to be a massive hit with audiences — racking up more than $1.4 billion dollars around the world and played in 13 countries and 115 cities.

Now Pantheon Theatre group have revived the story.

A prince is asked by an old, beggar woman if she can shelter in his castle out of the cold.

But the vain and uncaring prince refuses — because of her appearance. As a lesson that beauty comes from within, she turns him into a gruesome animal and informs him that, in order to break the spell, he must learn to love someone and have that love returned.

Much later, Maurice, an inventor, becomes lost on his way to an inventors fair and finds himself at a great castle.

However, the castle is ruled by a fearsome beast and Maurice is soon imprisoned for trespassing.

When his beautiful daughter comes looking for him, a deal is struck which sees Maurice released in return for his daughter, Belle, remaining.

But can the beast learn to love Belle and, more importantly, could the beautiful girl ever learn to see past her captor’s deformities?

And will Belle’s former suitor — the self-centred Gaston — get in the way of love finding its true form?

The musical version of this story comes from the pen of Tim Rice and Howard Ashman with music by Alan Menken.

The cast stars Johnny Collins as the Beast and Lorna Masson as Belle.

Beauty and the Beast is at the King’s Theatre from November 15 to 19 and tickets cost between £12.50 and £27.50.