Looking back: Pollok Cinema c1950s

Did you visit the Pollok Cinema?
Did you visit the Pollok Cinema?

The cinema was opened at 99/103 Shawbridge Street by James Graham in 1921 as The Maxwell.

It had seating for 980. In 1932 he leased it to J. Boe of 38 Rossendale Road in 1959, who renamed it the Palladium, but Boe gave up the lease and it closed in 1934.

Graham then re-opened it but sold it again later to a Miss Annie M. Burns. The manager appointed was a Mr. Sagan who again renamed it as The Pollok, a name it retained until final closure in 1958.

It was demolished c1961. Showing the film ‘Genevieve’ here, the building was still relatively well maintained and a family group at the entrance look as if they will be going in. The car is probably Sagan’s. Car models at that time were known by the name of the manufacturer and their horsepower in terms of the cubic capacity of the engine cylinders. This one is a ford 8 (hp).