Let us all respect the past and create the new

After reading about the controversy between the choice of a white poppy or a traditional red poppy in our remembrance, local author and poet Lady Wise was inspired to write this poem to commemorate such an important time for us to forever remember and honour our ancestors.

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 1:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 1:13 pm

What a lovely idea to celebrate peace

With a new time-honoured show of a white poppy wreath

Why would you not want to step up in your maturity

And honour ALL fallen souls, with grace, in unity?

To war, as in physics, there must be a pair

The enemy and an opposing regime must be there

In storytelling of war, victors proudly take their salutes

While heroic tales of their enemies they’ll often rebuke

Red poppies, white poppies, let’s respect the past and forgive

Now we are creating a new earth of peace in which we can thrive and live

It’s time to wake up to the illusion of duality

And face up to the truth of your own multi-dimensional reality

When the ‘I’ fights with another, that ‘other’ is me

Open your heart up to love; allow your vision to truthfully “see”

The significance of red poppies will always have their place

But with the passing of time there is now enhanced data to embrace

Red poppies, white poppies, let’s give ourselves the gift to forgive

Now we are creating a new earth of peace in which we can thrive and live

The red poppy’s a symbol of passion and groundedness in defence

The white poppy symbolises purity and peace without pretence

We are in a unique, earth revolution, the evolution of humanity

Feel the love deep within your heart and take charge of your sanity

When you can stand in your power and let go judgement of another

You will learn to love ALL souls as if they were each your brother

Red poppies, white poppies, we set ourselves free when we can forgive

Now we are creating a new earth of peace in which we can thrive and live

Remember your ancestors’ actions with honour and love

And celebrate the potential of heaven on earth, as above

No-one is superior or inferior to another as goes the lesson of healing

So step up in your thinking and connect with your feelings.

Any pain, grief or guilt that remains suppressed

Will destroy your chance of inner happiness

Let’s put aside differences and become an ‘imagine’ world nation

Living lives filled with fun, joy, laughter and innovative creation

Respect the past for in the remembrance comes the light

Step into your wisdom and be grateful for the wonder of life.

By Lady Wise 2018