Just good ol’ boys

The Orbitsuns.
The Orbitsuns.

RIDING their tired old horses across Detroit, their saddlebags stuffed with bourbon, cigarettes, Coney Island hotdogs and worn Johnny Cash cassettes are the Orbitsuns.

They are the Motor City’s finest purveyors of low down and dirty outlaw country.

Summoning the spirits of all of their brethren, the Orbitsuns are as outrageous as Iggy, as blue collar as Seger, as dark as Alice, as revolutionary as the MC5 and as boundary crossing as the Kid.

Front man Vinnie Dombroski made his name with alt-rock giants Sponge in the 90s.

He told Live: “We walk a fine line between classical country music like Hank Williams Jr. and fuse it with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

“We love doing local events like these and look forward to putting on a good show”.

About ten years ago, veteran musician Dombroski set out to form an Outlaw Country group.

He drew upon talented local musicians with impressive credentials.

The band consist of Brett Lucas and Jackson Smith on guitars, Bob Hecker on bass, Jimmy Paluzzi on drums and Larry LaBeck on pedal steel.

The result is a really fun, foot-tapping sound and are are one of the hardest working in Detroit.

They just released their third album and have toured with such artists as Cheap Trick and David Allen Coe.

Their debut album entitled Redneck Disco was released in 2003 and three years later the band’s second album Dollars and Dice came out.

Their third was released last year entitled Drink of the Day and they are now showcasing music from their fourth installment, out this year, entitled Give the Orbitsuns What They Want.

Their live shows are less a simple concert – and more an event, a truth that holds regardless of whether they are playing in front of four people or 400.

Fresh off their Glastonbury set, the Detroit outfit are ready to get their Glasgow audience to “dancing, release the frustrations of the day, let go of apprehensions and allow oneself to dance like a drunken redneck in the knowledge that everyone else is doing the same thing”.

The Orbitsuns are playing King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on Monday. For tickets (£6) call 08701 60- 1-- or 221 5279.