It’s Miller time...

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SCOTT Miller is a lying cheat. No, they’re not the words of a spurned reporter bent on revenge — but the latest offering from Sonic Boom Theatre.

Running tonight and tomorrow for the Glasgow Comedy Festival, it’s a one man romantic comedy with a devilishly charming edge.

The cheat of the title is bored with his life, suffering from a lack of drama and stringing along three girls at once.

The audience witnesses Scott as he tries to come to a decision about which supposedly lucky girl is for him. But those joining him on this journey have been warned – no matter how disarming or cute Scott appears to be, deep down he’s just (you guessed it) a lying cheat.

Stepping into the limelight is southside actor Kenny Boyle, who, along with friend Clare Sheppard, co-founded Sonic Boom.

Kenny, now living in Giffnock, told Live: “Scott Miller is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced as an actor.

“I’ve had a lot of people asking me how on earth there can be a one man romantic comedy — but what it really means is I have to portray loads of characters to get the story across.

“It’s quite daunting — but I’ve always got Clare, who’s directing, to keep me right”.

The show is staged at the relatively new Vespbar — and for Kenny and Clare, introducing drama to new and unusual spaces is what it’s all about.

He continued: “We’re really into bringing theatre to new spaces where we think it would be well suited — we love performing in places that have never had theatre in them before.

“Being in the comedy festival is also incredible. I love that there are things like that offering amazing opportunities for the arts in Glasgow, and it really shows that we have a brilliant city for performers”.

Kenny’s love of the theatre comes from an early start at Eastwood Park, and he’s particularly keen to sing the praises of the southside when it comes to nurturing talent.

He added: “I’ve just recently moved back to Giffnock, from Battlefield, and it’s great to be near Eastwood again.

“So many of the best and most creative actors I know have come from the southside, and I think the support of the local community and all of the clubs and groups available are probably a great deal to do with it”.

Kenny may have sussed charming this side of the Clyde — but remember, alter ego Scott is not to be trusted...

Scott Miller is a Lying Cheat is on at Vespbar tonight (Thursday) and tomorrow night. Performance at 7.30pm, and tickets cost £8 (£7 concession), from 07909822841.