It’s all just Pants, says Hugh Reed

Hugh Reed
Hugh Reed

GLASGOW’S very own crazy man of rock is loose and gigging.

Hugh Reed is playing a gig at The Pandora on Victoria Road on Friday.

The southsider who found fame with Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants makes irregular appearances, but this time it is in his own backyard.

Listen out for such notable songs as Walk on the Clydeside, Car Nicked, Six Tae Wan and Smells Like Troon Harbour.

He also had a hit some years back with an anti-drugs songs, Techno Drugs.

If his former incarnations are anything to go by, Hugh will provide an evening of controlled madness.

The gigs of old saw Hugh dressed in various guises to illustrate his songs: from a police man to a bride.

In fact, Debbie Harry – of Blondie fame – had Hugh and his band play support for her on the UK leg of a tour she did some years back.

And, if you’ve wondered where the wild man of Scottish rock has been hiding himself, he’s been a regular visitor to China where he had been gigging and living in Beijing and playing the first rock gigs in the south-western city of Zunyi.

So, strap yourself in for a rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster of a night.

Hugh Reed is at The Pandora on Friday, August 31 and entry is free.