Human and nature

Mongolia Eagles on the Human Planet.
Mongolia Eagles on the Human Planet.

THE beauties of nature are explored at the SECC when good ol’ Auntie Beeb comes a-calling.

The BBC is taking its Human Planet out of the studios for a UK tour of Human Planet Live.

The BAFTA-winning programme was a huge hit with viewers, so there will be no shortage of interested parties making a bee-line for the venue.

Created in conjunction with award-winning composer Nitin Sawhney, the evening will be a live orchestral performance set against the backdrop of a cinematic presentation of scenes from the natural history series, which was broadcast last year.

Organisers have promised that the show will take its audience on a journey that explores the planet and the awe-inspiring relationship between human beings and nature.

The live show has been desinged to create an unforgetable family experience – as well as appeal to fans of great orchestral music.

Composer Sawhney said: “Scoring the BBC’s Human Planet series was perhaps both my greatest privilege and greatest challenge.

“Despite that challenge, the breathtaking scenes of human co-existence with nature and determined resilience provided an inspiration beyond the boundaries of any musical soundtrack.

“I look forward very much to bringing the visuals and music to the live stage and extending the scope of this wonderful series with the Human Planet Orchestra”.

The Human Planet Live is at the SECC on April 2.