Here’s Johnny!

Johnny Beattie
Johnny Beattie

SOUTHSIDE theatre, the Citizens, is holding a celebration this weekend.

In fact, it’s a diamond celebration for someone who many regard as a diamond geezer — Johnny Beattie.

Known to many for his part in Glasgow-based soap, River City, Johnny has been entertaining audiences for much of his 85 years.

Coming from tradition of Scottish light entertainment theatre that produced the likes of Lex McLean and Francie and Josie, the Gorbals venue is paying tribute to the man and the legacy.

Taking part in the evening, will be greats from the same mould such as the Alexander Brother, Una McLean and Andy Cameron while more recent stars Alan Cumming, Dean Park and Fiona Kennedy will also take part.

Completing the evening will be the cast of River City with Eileen McCallum.

Tickets to Johnny Beattie – A Diamond Celebration are £25 and include a glass of fizz.

The show begins at 7pm.