Happy daze are here

The Happy Mondays
The Happy Mondays

OH HALLELUJAH, the Happy Mondays are back on the road, promising to relive the heady, colourful mix that was the first flush of Madchester.

One of the definitive sounds of the emerging rave scene in the mid-80s, the Happy Mondays are touring with the original line-up (they have went through three incarnations, with assorted personnel).

Incredibly, originally formed in 1980, the Mondays were first discovered by TV host-turned music guru Tony Wilson in the Hacienda club in 1985, and became synonymous with Manchester and the emerging acid house music scene.

Since their first album Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) which debuted in 1987 Happy Mondays followed up with two classic albums; Bummed in 1988, then Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches which went on to achieve platinum status in the UK alone.

Now the Salford lads are appearing at the O2 Academy tomorrow (Friday) night for their only Scottish gig in an 11-date UK tour.

With news of fellow Mancunians the Stone Roses reforming this year, the sounds of late-80s suburbs is as popular as ever (there’s clearly a demand: apart from the obvious pecuniary attractions for the groups, perhaps there’s a bit of a reaction against the more . . . eh, comfortable sound of some current bands).

While the years have understandably taken their toll on the fresh faces of Shaun, Bez et al, the tracks are as popular as ever, and the band promise a run-through of their most famous songs, Step On, Kinky Afro, Hallelujah, 24 Hour Party People and all the rest.

The Happy Mondays on a Friday night gig in the heart of Glasgow . . . what’s not to like for the no-doubt energised fan base? They will be performing with special guests — and fellow veterans of the Madchester scene — the Inspiral Carpets.

Happy Mondays and special guests the Inspiral Carpets, O2 Academy, Glasgow. Call 0844 499 9990 for tickets.