Halloween fright night

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BEING a fan of all things spine-tingling, I relish October rolling round — and the chance to plan The Extra’s Halloween feature.

This year, I opted for otherworldy terror, and I’m now one of many Glasgow thrill-seekers to have taken themselves “out of the armchair and into the action” for Alien War — an interactive walk-through version of the horror classic Alien.

I’m also happy to report that I lived to tell the tale.

The experience has returned to The Arches for a 20th anniversary — it debuted there in 1992 — and promises a Halloween night to remember.

With this year’s sort-of prequel Prometheus on everyone’s minds — as well as the spookiest night of the year fast approaching — it seems the ideal time to revive a still-legendary attraction from the venue’s early days.

And you know what they say: in the basement, no one can hear you scream...

I’ll start by pointing out that I’ve never found the film particularly scary. Well-shot, maybe. An interesting idea, definitely — but I could never really see it happening to me, so it didn’t seem too terrifying a tale.

The concept of Alien War — and the various walk-through ideas staged at The Arches since — is fantastic: putting the audience into the story, and up close and personal with the villain of the piece.

This particular show doesn’t disappoint, with threatening, dimly-lit corridors, claustrophobic hiding holes, strange noises in the distance and more than one big surprise in store.

If you can suspend disbelief for a mere 15 minutes (my only real complaints being that it should last a little longer, and that there are one or two missed opportunities for bigger frights), then experiencing a hostile alien takeover is much scarier than watching it on TV.

It will reveal the true colours of your nearest and dearest — a few well-timed shocks later and my other half was pushing me aside to get to safety (will have to remember that come Christmas).

Alien War is suitable for ages eight and up — but it’s fair to say that those of a nervous disposition may want to hold the coats and/or grab a drink (you might need it, if those pesky extra-terrestrials make it out of the basement and into the bar).

If you’re incredibly brave, you could venture along for the Halloween special, where some alien-battling soldiers will win treats and others...well, you know the saying.

Alien War runs until April — so there’s plenty of time to get lost in The Arches basement.

Getting found again...now, that might be the tricky part.

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