Hail this Cab

Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie

INTELLIGENT pop songs are often seen as the stuff of yesteryear, killed off by tune after tune about going out clubbing or waking up to a headache the morning after.

But often flying under the radar is that particular brand of indie pop-rock, executed best by those American college rock groups with one too many philosophical musings.

Playing in Glasgow this week are Death Cab for Cutie, armed with their unusual mix of catchy melodies and feelings of gloom, as well as long lines of poetic lyrics (with maybe just a hint of pretension).

Some may be familiar with the group already, and others may recognise the odd tune oversampled on television shows like The O.C..

And those who follow their celebrity gossip will know lead singer Ben Gibbard as one half of the recently split couple often named indie music’s cutest (you can see what they did there), with actress-turned-singer of She and Him fame, Zooey Deschanel.

But put the star status of one member aside and you’re left with a group of bespectacled, guitar-toting guys pouring heart, soul and the occasional smarty pants reference into songs which fans adore.

Death Cab play the 02 Academy on Saturday, supported by Butcher the Bar. Doors open 7pm and tickets are £20 from 0844 477 2000.