Good King’s Cole: a touch of American class

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THERE’S an opportunity to sample some of the magic of Cole Porter when his hit musical High Society comes to the King’s Theatre.

Many will remember the spirited movie version as divorced Dexter Haven tries to woo back his ex-wife — who is planning her wedding to another man.

To add to the confusion a brace of journalists is covering the swanky affair for a gossip magazine.

One of the journalists, Mike Connor, falls for the bride-to-be, Traci Lord, leaving the quandry of who the socialite will end up with: the hack, the groom or the ex.

Filled with great songs from one of America’s best loved composers, this is sure to hit the mark with those with a soft spot for musicals.

Included in the production are True Love, You’re Sensational and Did You Evah!

Tickets for High Society cost between £10 and £29.50 and the play runs from April 30 until May 4.