Go West, young man

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SOMETIMES, thinking back to the 80s, you have to try really hard to remember it wasn’t all lycra and perms — and that was just the guys.

It was the decade which gave birth to stadium rock and all the nonsense that went with it.

But for all that, it is also the decade that gave us The Smiths. Echo and the Bunnymen, Bauhaus and Go West.

Although Go West were somewhat more pop than the others, you never felt that Peter Cox and Richard Drummie would throw their gran out of the way to get to a mirror the way Steve Tyler would.

And We Close Our Eyes was quite a tidy wee tune, when you think of it.

And if you can separate your memory of 1990s King of Wishful Thinking from the awful fairytale that was Pretty Woman, you’ll probably remember it was really nifty and upbeat.

But I’m sure the lads don’t dwell much on its inclusion in that implausible movie as it gave them a top ten hit in the US.

It also won the band an ASCAP award in 1991 for being the most played song in the US the previous year.

Now that’s not bad going for two lads from the Midlands.

Although not regulars in the charts, nowadays, Go West have continued playing gigs to grateful fans.

Three years ago, Peter Cox was announced as the new lead singer with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

Now, though, he’s concentrating his energy on what he does best – front Go West.

Now the dynamic duo are back to promote a new album, 3D, and play songs from their back catalogue at the 02 ABC in Glasgow on Tuesday, December 13.

Incidentally, the new album is being released in the run up to Chrimbo – so a few heavy hints may be in order.

Legendary record producer Arif Mardin once described Go West’s sound as Modern Motown.

The 02 ABC gig is the bands only appearance in Scotland, so bin the lycra (really, you should’ve done so years ago) and get along to Sauchiehall Street.

Tickets are £20.