Fun down at the farm

Singing Kettle 2011 - 'Funny Farm' studio shoot''Picture by John Young � YoungMedia 2010
Singing Kettle 2011 - 'Funny Farm' studio shoot''Picture by John Young � YoungMedia 2010

Spout, handle, lid of metal...what’s inside the Singing Kettle?

Let’s face it, any child of the 80s and onwards knows the answer all too well.

A recent conversation had by this reporter – proudly stating that she had been invited up on stage at a tender age, dressed in a tutu and desert boots (ah, 90s fashion) – was met with a resounding chorus of “me too”.

It seems that, in the 30 years the show has been running, the ever-popular Singing Kettle team has had everyone from Aberdeen to Edinburgh up on stage.

Which is why, as the bright lights and rainbow colours of one of Scotland’s most famous children’s shows rolls into Eastwood Park theatre, it might be an idea to introduce the little ones for their very own rite of passage.

The gang return to the East Renfrewshire venue for Farmyard Party – billed as a fun-filled sing-along special (and somehow, we believe them...after all, we’ve all been there).

A little pre-planning may be required as you suss out your miniature farm-hand’s favourite animal – the show has a dress-up element too, with all boys and girls invited to come along as their farmyard favourite.

They’ll then join Cilla, Artie, Gary and Kevin for songs like Old MacDonald Had a Farm, One Man Went to Mow and (who could forget this one?) Do Your Ears Hang Low.

The Singing Kettle team are already promising the chance for some lucky children to join them on stage for the Sheep Dip Derby.

Whether your bundle of joy will be hand-picked for their five minutes of fame, we can’t guarantee – but with so many having come before them (tutus and all), it has to be worth a gamble for the cost of a ticket or two.

n The Singing Kettle host Farmyard Party at Eastwood Park Theatre on Saturday (August 25) at 1 and 3.30pm. Tickets cost £10 for 12 months and up, or buy a family saver ticket (4 seats for £36), both from 577 4970.