Flying off to Neverland with the Lost Boys

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IT’S panto season again and the tale of the young boy who never grew up is given a new lease of life at the Pavilion.

The story of Peter Pan has been told in story-book, on stage and in film over many, many years.

Wendy and her brothers are visited by Peter, an inhabitant of the magical Neverland, who loses his shadow in her bedroom.

Before long — and with a sprinkle of fairy dust — the four of them are whisked away to Peter’s home to meet the Lost Boys and joust with the evil Captain Hook and his band of cut-throat pirates.

Will our heroes prevail? Will the dastardly Hook finally manage to kill Peter or will the ticking crocodile (who ate Hook’s hand) manage to finish him off?

The outcome will no doubt depend on the amount of booing and hooraying from the young audience.

The Pavilion has a stellar line-up for the cast including Jim Davidson playing Captain Hook, Dean Park as Nanny, Cat Harvey as Tinker Cat, Johnny Mac as Peter Pan and Nieve Jennings as Wendy.

The Magical Adventures of Peter Pan begins at the Pavilion on November 30. Ticket prices range from £16.50 to £21.