Flash, bang, wallop: it was magic at its very best!

Former physicist turned magician, Kevin McMahon.
Former physicist turned magician, Kevin McMahon.

If you have a bucket list of things you want to do before age creeps up on you, I urge you to get this show at the very top of that list. In the words of a certain dancing judge, it was simply “A Ma Zing.”

Magicfest ran over the festive season in Edinburgh and was a veritable feast for the senses.

Florian Sainvet, MagicFest, Edinburgh

Florian Sainvet, MagicFest, Edinburgh

I know, I can hear some of you muttering, ‘nah, magic shows ain’t for me’, however this is no ordinary magic show. This was an international festival par excellence which brought some of the best names in the industry together from around the world.

Sleight of hand, illusions, manipulation and a lot more, all set to intrigue, mystify and challenge those watching constantly.

Don’t come here expecting a big glitzy Vegas stage show as you’ll be disappointed. That’s not what this is about. It’s good old solid magic, performed at the very highest level.

It’s about sleight of hand masters who work at the extreme ends of what your senses can handle. And, best of all its a fun-filled, laugh-a-minute family show that provides a fine evening’s entertainment for all ages.

Star of the show for me was undoubtedly ‘the Dean Martin of Magic’ Canadian Mathew J Dowden. His ‘Bottle and Glass’ Tommy Cooper routine had the audience in stitches - and he can croon too!

Host Kevin McMahon – the magician who ‘faked it’ for a Channel 4 documentary after being trained by Penn and Teller in Las Vegas - was on top form. His comedy magic shows have twice been nominated at the Scottish Comedy Awards and received five star reviews at the Fringe. His ‘Willow the Wisp’ routine made him a hard act to follow.

Luckily, there’s not too long to wait as Magicfest’s summer festival runs from June 30- July 8, but tickets are already selling fast for some dates and performances, such is the draw of this show.

For more information visit www.magicfest.co.uk.

Review: John A. MacInnes