Final show of season

Jimmy Chisholm as Uncle Varick.
Jimmy Chisholm as Uncle Varick.

Eastwood Park Theatre is heading towards the end of its season with an entertaining and thought-provoking play.

Written by Tutti Frutti and The Slab Boys writer, John Byrne, Uncle Varick is set in 1960s rural Scotland and is billed as ‘the moving yet humorous story of what happens when the rock and roll of swinging 60s London collides with the rock and moss of remote Scotland’.

The play tells the tale of pretentious art critic and self-proclaimed cultural icon, Sandy Sheridan, who makes his way back from London to his Scottish, country home bringing with him his new, much-younger, wife.

When he arrives he is greeted by his stoical daughter, Shona, and his acerbic former brother-in-law, uncle Varick.

Described as ‘Monarch of the Glen meets the Rolling Stones’ by Mull Theatre and Rapture Theatre, who are staging it, the play combines a fantastic soundtrack with fine comedy.

It also boasts a notable cast with Dave Anderson (City Lights, Gregory’s Girl and Taggart), John Stahl (High Road, Game of Thrones, RSC), Maureen Carr (Still Game, The Guid Sisters, Men Should Weep) and Jimmy Chisholm (Para Handy, Angels’ Share, High Road, Braveheart, Mrs Brown) as the eponymous Uncle Varrick.

The play is on for one night only, May 4, and begins at 7.30pm. Suitable for ages 14 and over, tickets are £13 (standard) and £11 (concessions).