Farewell to the Fringe with a secret location finale

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IT’S been an eventful May, with festivals galore springing up around the southside.

The end is nigh for the Southside Fringe — but the inaugural event is set to go out with a bang, and music fans are in for a 

Southside Sessions — a muso staple this side of the Clyde — takes to the stage for a free matinee show on Saturday, with the southside’s own Howlin’ Radio as well as musicians covering 60s, 70s, folk, country, americana...and pretty much everything else.

Over at Armstrongs, in Battlefield, it’s another free show, this time from Glasgow bluegrass outfit The Daddy Naggins, playing 9pm-1am.

Acoustic duo Junkstar Baby — described by the Fringe lot as “an eclectic soup of stuff pillaged and written, fashioning their sets into little Play-Doh figurines of tight harmonies and new nostalgia” — take the reins on Sunday at 1901.

If that sounds like your bag, then it’s 5-7pm, and entry is free.

The Southside Fringe grand finale follows, with a host of live music, surprises and rumba DJs. Tickets are £10 and the location remains a secret — the only clue is that it’s inside Pollok Park, and 7.30pm until 

Then, it’s time to say goodbye to the southside’s newest festival, for this year at least.

For more, visit the Southside Fringe website.