Fair play at the fair

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MANY will be plum panto-ed out by now and will be in the mood for another form of entertainment.

Well, look no further: as traditional as totty scones, the festive carnival is currently residing at the SECC.

The kids – as well as big kids – will stand, wide-eyed and with gaping mouth at the overall splendour as a section of the SECC by the Clyde has been invaded by those funster Carnies.

The brave ones will want to head straight to the thrill rides, of which there are a few.

From the traditional whirl of the waltzers and the crash of the dodgems to the brand-new High Roller and the equally stomach-churning Midnight Express Matterhorn, Speed Buzz and Extreme, there’s sure to be something to part you from your lunch.

Other thrill rides include Experience Miami, Frog Ride, Top Star and Superbob.

But not everyone wants to tweak the nose of danger and so there are much gentler rides for the very young such as the Pirate Ship, Mini Wheel and Chairoplanes.

You can also get the kiddies in a spin with Cups and Saucers, Mini Miami, Go Gator, the famous Helter Skelter, Mini Train, Baby Apple and trampolines where they can bounce till their heart’s content.

Rides that all the family can enjoy include the aforementioned dogems and waltzers.

There are also old family favourites such as the Ghost Train, Chairoplanes and Carousel alongside newer rides such as Dropzone, Big Apple Coaster, Twist, Dragon Coaster and the Carnival Magic Funhouse.

And, don’t forget, all the Carnie stalls are there to keep you distracted such as exercising your ability to Hook A Duck or pretend you are Barca’s top goal scorer at the Penalty Shoot Out.

There’s also the nigh-impossible Rings Over Blocks and the equally-tricky Knock Off Cans to test your skills on.

Or try some of the newer stalls such as Cranes, Basketball, Catch A Dog, Milk Churns, Football Pick, Shooter, Ball in the Bucket, Toy Town, Cork Shooter and Spill the Milk.

The £12 entry fee gets you ten vouchers to use on rides (one voucher) or side stalls (two vouchers), plus two more ride-only vouchers.

If a better family day out has been invented then it hasn’t been marketed very well as the carnival ticks all the family-fun boxes.