Extra Comment: We built this city on rock and roll

Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream. Photo by Phil Wilkinson.
Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream. Photo by Phil Wilkinson.

THE Blue Nile, Primal Scream, Maggie Bell...just three of the names volunteered as the best band/singer Glasgow has produced over the decades.

In a no-way scientific debate, we asked what you considered was the best act to come out of Glasgow (unsurprisingly for a southside paper, Texas scored high - and a lot of people seemed to actually remember Sharleen from the block).

Other names included Simple Minds, Orange Juice, Hue and Cry, Deacon Blue, Camera Obscura and — if we contentiously extend the city boundaries/and or association — Franz Ferdinand and Lloyd Cole, to (really) name just a few.

Strikingly, different age groups suggested bands associated with respective youth-era (from the Sensational Alex Harvey Band to Altered Images to Belle and Sebastian to Glasvegas) — which begs the question: are we really thinking these are the best bands — or simply fondly remembering adolescence?

One thing to bear in mind: when we contemplate pop music, we tend to think of teenagers, rightly enough: hence so many ‘firsts’ in the tracks (first crush, first dance, first kiss...and so on). And that’s why it looks increasingly odd when you have pop performers at any age over 21...the older, frankly, the creepier.

But in Glasgow, things are a little different, with indie/rock bands (perhaps with some alt-country music?) as the apparent default setting of the town (is that the case, or simply those who prefer hard-core techno won’t respond to questions in a local paper?)

But why is Glasgow such an indie city? Answers on a postcard please: no prizes as such, but the best letters (or at least most humorous There won’t ever be a definitive list: personal preference (and fashion cycles) are always changing. However, if you’re stuck for an idea for a party (or barbecue) theme try composing a playlist comprising of only Glasgow (or Glasgow-related) bands. See where you go...

Here’s the top choices as decided at Extra Towers (and once again I must underline the defiantly arbitary nature of these pronouncements):

i) Loaded - Primal Scream

ii) Lost Weekend - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

iii) Dignity - Deacon Blue

iv) I Don’t Want a Lover - Texas (from the southside - did we really have a choice?)

v) Tinseltown in the Rain - The Blue Nile

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